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Authentic Storybook Homes in Maryland
Storybook Classic Homes The Brand

We are a small builder in Maryland that builds 11 homes a year.  If you are in another state and are interested in purchasing a blueprint, please email us and we will broker one of our plans directly from the architect.  It should be noted that these homes are pricey to build.  You should expect to pay $200 to $300 per sq. ft. for living space depending on finishes and upgrades.  Our homes in Maryland have basements and for slab/crawl space foundations, the figures may be lower.  This average building cost range is for the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan market area.  Prices may differ depending on what part of the country you plan to build.  We have spent 5+ years researching architects, vendors, products, and craftsman to fit the Storybook look.  Due to the whimsy and old world craftsmanship, some building materials are not typically stocked at your local Home Depot and Lowes stores.  Should you buy one of our blueprints, we will share our resources to build your home. 

Storybook Classic Homes is not only a builder, but a brand.  We are eager to have our brand of homes built across the USA.  We are looking for extraordinary builders interested in a franchise and investors for Storybook development communities.  These builders and investors should share our vision and strive to build these homes as a replica of the originals.  Should a homebuyer select one of our blueprints, their home will be registered as a Storybook Classic Home.  They will receive an exterior plaque for the outside of the home. 
Please note, the most important requirement is that the home cannot have siding.  Home exterior veneer is to be built to architect's plans.  True storybook homes are made of stone, brick, and stucco.  We pride ourselves to have a true maintenance free exterior that should last many years.  The original homes in Europe have lasted hundreds of years! 

Homebuyers may name your cottage, but last names can not be used.  We have this rule because the average homeowner moves every 7 years and a future buyer may not want their family's surname as the cottage name.  Use your imagination for a fitting name.  The plaque will be placed into the exterior veneer so it is permanent.  Below are sample plaques.

There are building standards for a home to registered as a Storybook Classic Home.  We require these standards because these homes are not the typical "builder-grade" home.  We want our brand known for quality and a good investment for homeowners.  The interior should be as spectacular as the exterior.  Below are the guidelines.

1.  All of the exterior (including garage), must be made of brick, stucco, and/or stone.  No siding - this includes vinyl, aluminum, and Hardie Plank/cement siding.

2.  All kitchen countertops must be a solid surface.  This includes granite, marble, quartz, caeserstone, concrete, soapstone, and metal.  No Corian or laminate countertops.  (Corian and laminate melts and scratches.  It does now age well.)

3.  Bathroom vanities must be a solid surface.  Corian is acceptable in this case.  No laminate or tile countertops.

4.  Kitchen cabinets must be made of wood.  No builder-grade oak cabinets or laminated cabinets.  Oak cabinets may be used if they are painted.

5.  No vinyl flooring except for laundry, mud, and pantry rooms.

6.  Bath/shower wainscoting must be tile, stone, glass, and/or concrete.  No fiberglass, marlite, plastic, and vinyl surrounds.

7.  Bathroom floors must be tile, stone, or concrete.  No vinyl, carpeting, and/or laminate.

Please contact Elizabeth Rhodes direct at 443-415-5061 or you may also email at


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