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Authentic Storybook Homes in Maryland
Planning Your Storybook Classic Home
Construction Costs
Construction costs can vary state to state, but it should be noted that these homes can be pricey to build.  For Maryland buyers, expect to pay at least $200 to $265 per sq. ft.   This includes an unfinished basement.  For out-of-state home plan buyers, it is recommended to use 2 free cost estimating websites and take the average of the two to get a better idea on your costs.  The 2 highly recommended websites are below:



Here are some tips to keep construction costs down. 

1.  Choose exterior veneer wisely.   Although these homes do not have vinyl siding, one can save money by incorporating brick and stone in random areas of the exterior.  Use stone on corners and brick on the main walls.  Buy 3" stone veneer from your local quarry directly to save costs.  Storybook Classic Homes' goal is to use material on the exterior that is truly a maintenance free exterior.  We will not build homes with wood or vinyl siding.  We will use a product called Faux Wood Beam Planks to use as Tudor beams placed over the brick or stone on the exterior.  If the budget is still too tight, choose dryvit for a stucco and Tudor beam look.  This look is favored since it is not concrete stucco that can crack and chip.  The Tudor beams are formed within the dryvit and there will be no wood that can rot and have termite damage.

2.  Most buyers today prefer gas fireplaces for their convenience.  
Most tract builders today have "cheapen" their construction costs and design by omitting chimneys for their gas fireplace models.  Their excuse for "green" building standards has omitted chimneys from all of their models.  New homes today do not have curbside charm as seen in older homes.  Storybook-style homes have chimneys with chimney pots.  Although you may have gas fireplaces, you can create a "faux" chimney using a concrete block with a brick or stone veneer.  It is important the chimney is constructed with sturdy concrete as some chimney pots weigh 650 lbs or more!  

3.  Spend the bulk of the construction costs on the exterior veneer and the above grade square footage.  The interior can always be upgraded in future years.  Changing the exterior veneer and adding additions will be too costly.  Finishing basements can be a project in the future when the budge permits.  Be on the lookout for salvaged antique materials such as windows, light fixtures, hardware, and architectural embellishments.  These will only enhance the old world look of these homes.

4.  Kitchens are the most important rooms for resale.  This room should not have builder-grade material such as oak cabinets and laminate/Corian countertops.  If the budget is still too tight, spend the money on the cabinets.  Golden Oak cabinets and laminate white cabinets are considered to be an "under improvement" for the construction quality of these homes. Stone countertops on builder-grade cabinets will give the appearance of pearl buttons on a burlap bag.  Big design mistake.  Future homebuyers will notice this faux pas.  Appliances can always be upgraded in years to come.


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